Fracturing Parties 

I sat there and watched the DNC ruin all my illusions of the power of my vote.  When the votes were counted I felt such anger.  Even with election fraud and voter suppression proven,  they crowned her.  

I have looked at the posts,  lost friends I genuinely liked and respected,  all because I broke the rules.  I am not ok with election fraud.  I’m not ok with rigging the election.  I’m tired of the neoliberalism that’s infected the Democratic Party.  It doesn’t make me a conservative or a supporter of Trump or Jill Stein.  It means I won’t vote for Hillary.  It means I am not going to vote out of fear.  I’m not abandoning my convictions when it’s easier than standing up.  

I’ve been stunned through this process.  Mostly I’m disappointed with fellow “liberals”.  And finally,  it was no longer possible to lie to myself.  It all is very simple. 

How do you like your corruption?  With a screw you or a thank you… It’s the difference between being raped or getting whispers of sweet nothings while being raped. 

Neoliberals pretend to be concerned about inequities in the distribution of income and wealth. Neoconservatives make it abundantly clear that they couldn’t care less.
Both neolibs and neocons are authoritarian statists.  Each with their own pandering to a loyalist base. Politically correct neolibs are expected to be pro-abortion, pro-gay-lesbian, pro-affirmative action, pro-Israel, pro-gun control, anti-clerical, pro-big government, and pro-American Empire. Anyone who does not follow each left wing outrage issue is attacked ruthlessly. I have been on the other end of mob mentality with liberals each time I stepped outside the liberal agenda.  By disagreeing with their forced narrative you’re  at risk of being attacked by a left wing truth squad such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and accused of the likes of homophobia, racism, anti-semitism, religious fundamentalism, or even hate crimes. Politically correct neocons are more likely to be pro-life, anti-gay-lesbian, anti-affirmative action, pro-Israel, anti-gun control, pro-clerical, pro-big government, and pro-Empire. Both are vehemently opposed to relinquish power and control through secession. 
Above all, what neoliberals and neoconservatives have in common is that they are technofascists. Benito Mussolini defined fascism as “the merger of state and corporate power.” Technofascism is the melding of corporate, state, military, and technological power by a handful of political elites which enables them to manipulate and control the population through the use of money, markets, media and the Internet.
Neoliberals and neoconservatives are 2 masks of the same face.  – the largest, wealthiest, most powerful, most materialistic, most racist, most militaristic, most violent empire of all time.
Ultimately the differences between neoliberalism and neoconservatism are purely cosmetic. You may either have your technofascism with a smirk or you can have it with an Obama speech and swag. 
I won’t be leaving the independent party for Green.  I’m going to hope we can get Hillary disqualified for now.  I do have hopes and further insight from my perspective.  But sorting through the information is daunting.  It’s also exhausting. 


Oh Rachel, it’s Not A Vagina Fight


Rachel’s latest anti Bernie rant wasn’t even subtle. She held Clinton up as the most accomplished woman, and that’s why Bernie Sanders and the idiot Trump shouldn’t debate.
First off Rachel, this isn’t about vaginas. It’s about Hillary Clinton agreeing to debate in California then backing out. The very behavior she criticized in 2008. She won’t debate because she has lost every single debate with Sanders, much like she lost the caucus and open primary states. The only thing she’s won without cheating is voter suppression, fraud and purging of the votes, is the confederacy. I’m still curious as to how the only accurate polling, exit polls, are so far off in the states she won, but back to the subject at hand. This has nothing to do with her or her so called accomplishments as a woman, politician or human. It’s about the two leading candidates for the presidency and them debating. Which within hours of the statement Trump backed out of as expected. Which brings up the question, why did you waste time with your ridiculous rant?

So let’s consider this. A privileged, rich, white woman married to a cheating ex-president. The power couple that brought us privatized prisons, NAFTA, welfare reform, and a blow job in the white house. This is the most accomplished woman? Go home Malala, you aren’t really accomplished until you’ve rigged the election process and suppressed millions of voters.

This is the ultimate example of partisan journalism. It’s not about voters or the greater good. It’s about partisanship, cronyism, the bosses not wanting true government of, for and by the people. It’s about Rachel not really being a journalist. It’s about her being the answer to Fox for liberals.

You know there’s actual news that you could address. Like the pipeline spill on the Dakota reservation. Or maybe how Debbie Wasserman Schultz is likely to lose her seat. Maybe the Trans Pacific Partnership?

I expect politicians to be worthless bags of human waste. I expect more from journalists.

I only wonder Rachel, did you start out with morality and ethics? Or did you lose them along the way with your comfortable corporate job?

You don’t speak for progress, women, or liberals. Go away.

Sara Ivie
May 28, 2016

The Five Stages of Grief


It’s like the 5 stages of grief. You know it’s happening. You watch the disease spread.
1.Denial.  As I watch widespread corruption and oppression in the election process.
2. Anger at the leaders and party members for actively participating or by inaction allowing it to happen and even being the apologist with really illogical excuses.
3. Bargaining. But it has no impact because they have screwed over the people for so long with no repercussions they don’t even hide the corruption now. They know partisan loyalty will insulate them. When we say we will take our votes in November,  they use their loyal pets to attack voters and make the victims of corruption the enemy. Much like the Republican party does to rape victims.  And then justify it.
4. Depression. When you realize,  Democrats aren’t a lot brighter than Republicans.  And that corruption is going to give the nomination to megalomaniac.
5. Acceptance. We’ll see you November. And we’ll be there with our millions of votes casting them for an Independent candidate that you cheated. The best and only ethical candidate in the race. #BernieOrBust #HillaryNeverHadMe

Again if you are wanting to blame someone,  remember we didn’t do anything wrong. We followed the rules and we’re met with widespread voter suppression and fraud. Contact Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Twitter @DWStweets
Hillary Clinton  @HillaryClinton
Lastly unlike,  unfollow and stop clicking and sharing media that has made this possible like @politico.
Sara Ivie
May 19, 2016

Fear Based Voting

We’ve watched for decades how the GOP is able to get votes in the most impoverished areas with platforms that blame the poor and keep them poor. They use fear. Their main fear being guns and god.  I’ve wanted to slam my head into a wall repeatedly watching this cycle continue. All the while, I’m watching this happen with  the Democrats.  They’ve stopped even pretending to be progressive.  I  have watched the GOP clown show parade one idiot after another through our Senate and Congress, Governor and state level public offices,  and while we all focused on that circus,  the Democrats sold their souls to lobbyists.

Well the progressive party stopped progressing a couple decades ago. It didn’t start with the Clinton’s, but it was magnified and worsened by a large margin. A few examples….Travelgate, NAFTA,  appointing the first lady to head up health care reform, which she was not qualified to lead, repealing glass steagal,  privatized prisons, 3 strikes, welfare reform…. I could go on for pages, but I’ve made my point. These are not progress and set  us up for the housing crisis.

So how are we duped into voting for this trash? Well , corruption unmatched in the DNC is one way. But the most important way we need to recognize is that fear is being used on progressive voters. Rather than guns and god, it’s the Supreme Court nominations and Trump. It gets better though. Instead of widespread outcry from the base, they attack independents and democrats that have pledged to not vote for Hillary Clinton. After our registrations were mysteriously lost (my case, and I’d never missed a vote) votes purged, wide spread voter suppression and fraud, changing the rules to favor Hillary mid caucus in Nevada, exit polls that don’t match the count,  media hostility towards Sanders and the list goes on. After all of this we are told to vote blue no matter who…. worked out well for us so far. I do recall a blue, Nancy Pelosi leading the vote recently to sell us out to pharmacy companies, how progressive.  When we state we will not vote for someone that has disenfranchised us, we will not support the DNC that has made it clear they don’t care what we want and are downright hostile to Independents (many of which usually cast their vote for the Democrats) we’re then met with “A Trump presidency is on your head”. No, that’s a flawed logic. It’s on the DNC.

I’d also like to remind all the political half wits, Trump cannot do 95% of what he spews. Not without the House and Senate. However, what Clinton will do will have support because it’ll line their pockets and do what they want, put our soldiers all over the world killing for natural resources and dying for profit while the middle class becomes extinct.

I won’t vote for Hillary. I won’t accept your blame. If you’d like to blame someone, contact  Debbie Wasserman Shultz on twitter. Link provided.