We Won’t Abandon Senator Sanders


I’ve defended President Obama because I felt his treatment was overtly racist. Considering he’s been right of center since abandoning his grass roots base on day one of his presidency,  I couldn’t imagine why those getting rich from his economic policies could hate him so much.  It was the people who made the presidency happen that were entitled to real outrage. TPPP,  Vice President of Monsanto leading the FDA,  one lobbyist after the next on his cabinet.  Many from the previous disaster administration.  No change on Wallstreet,  and low paying jobs. Sure,  employment rose,  because we need 3 jobs to survive.
Still I defended. Well,  screw you Mr President. 
You endorsed Hillary Clinton?  Kiss the DNC goodbye. Election fraud,  outright lies,  suppression,  Honduran coup,  Libya,  incompetence,  and slick Willie campaigning at the polls to name a few.  I’ll never vote for her. She’s a disgrace. So are you.

Senator Sanders,  please run as the independent you’ve always been.  I’m with you. We’re with you.  I’ll write you regardless.  Voting the lesser of 2 evils got us this.  A corrupted system of oppression and hopelessness.  Please don’t abandon us,  because we won’t abandon you.

Sara Ivie
June 9, 2016


Oh Rachel, it’s Not A Vagina Fight


Rachel’s latest anti Bernie rant wasn’t even subtle. She held Clinton up as the most accomplished woman, and that’s why Bernie Sanders and the idiot Trump shouldn’t debate.
First off Rachel, this isn’t about vaginas. It’s about Hillary Clinton agreeing to debate in California then backing out. The very behavior she criticized in 2008. She won’t debate because she has lost every single debate with Sanders, much like she lost the caucus and open primary states. The only thing she’s won without cheating is voter suppression, fraud and purging of the votes, is the confederacy. I’m still curious as to how the only accurate polling, exit polls, are so far off in the states she won, but back to the subject at hand. This has nothing to do with her or her so called accomplishments as a woman, politician or human. It’s about the two leading candidates for the presidency and them debating. Which within hours of the statement Trump backed out of as expected. Which brings up the question, why did you waste time with your ridiculous rant?

So let’s consider this. A privileged, rich, white woman married to a cheating ex-president. The power couple that brought us privatized prisons, NAFTA, welfare reform, and a blow job in the white house. This is the most accomplished woman? Go home Malala, you aren’t really accomplished until you’ve rigged the election process and suppressed millions of voters.

This is the ultimate example of partisan journalism. It’s not about voters or the greater good. It’s about partisanship, cronyism, the bosses not wanting true government of, for and by the people. It’s about Rachel not really being a journalist. It’s about her being the answer to Fox for liberals.

You know there’s actual news that you could address. Like the pipeline spill on the Dakota reservation. Or maybe how Debbie Wasserman Schultz is likely to lose her seat. Maybe the Trans Pacific Partnership?

I expect politicians to be worthless bags of human waste. I expect more from journalists.

I only wonder Rachel, did you start out with morality and ethics? Or did you lose them along the way with your comfortable corporate job?

You don’t speak for progress, women, or liberals. Go away.

Sara Ivie
May 28, 2016

The Five Stages of Grief


It’s like the 5 stages of grief. You know it’s happening. You watch the disease spread.
1.Denial.  As I watch widespread corruption and oppression in the election process.
2. Anger at the leaders and party members for actively participating or by inaction allowing it to happen and even being the apologist with really illogical excuses.
3. Bargaining. But it has no impact because they have screwed over the people for so long with no repercussions they don’t even hide the corruption now. They know partisan loyalty will insulate them. When we say we will take our votes in November,  they use their loyal pets to attack voters and make the victims of corruption the enemy. Much like the Republican party does to rape victims.  And then justify it.
4. Depression. When you realize,  Democrats aren’t a lot brighter than Republicans.  And that corruption is going to give the nomination to megalomaniac.
5. Acceptance. We’ll see you November. And we’ll be there with our millions of votes casting them for an Independent candidate that you cheated. The best and only ethical candidate in the race. #BernieOrBust #HillaryNeverHadMe

Again if you are wanting to blame someone,  remember we didn’t do anything wrong. We followed the rules and we’re met with widespread voter suppression and fraud. Contact Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Twitter @DWStweets
Hillary Clinton  @HillaryClinton
Lastly unlike,  unfollow and stop clicking and sharing media that has made this possible like @politico.
Sara Ivie
May 19, 2016

Fear Based Voting

We’ve watched for decades how the GOP is able to get votes in the most impoverished areas with platforms that blame the poor and keep them poor. They use fear. Their main fear being guns and god.  I’ve wanted to slam my head into a wall repeatedly watching this cycle continue. All the while, I’m watching this happen with  the Democrats.  They’ve stopped even pretending to be progressive.  I  have watched the GOP clown show parade one idiot after another through our Senate and Congress, Governor and state level public offices,  and while we all focused on that circus,  the Democrats sold their souls to lobbyists.

Well the progressive party stopped progressing a couple decades ago. It didn’t start with the Clinton’s, but it was magnified and worsened by a large margin. A few examples….Travelgate, NAFTA,  appointing the first lady to head up health care reform, which she was not qualified to lead, repealing glass steagal,  privatized prisons, 3 strikes, welfare reform…. I could go on for pages, but I’ve made my point. These are not progress and set  us up for the housing crisis.

So how are we duped into voting for this trash? Well , corruption unmatched in the DNC is one way. But the most important way we need to recognize is that fear is being used on progressive voters. Rather than guns and god, it’s the Supreme Court nominations and Trump. It gets better though. Instead of widespread outcry from the base, they attack independents and democrats that have pledged to not vote for Hillary Clinton. After our registrations were mysteriously lost (my case, and I’d never missed a vote) votes purged, wide spread voter suppression and fraud, changing the rules to favor Hillary mid caucus in Nevada, exit polls that don’t match the count,  media hostility towards Sanders and the list goes on. After all of this we are told to vote blue no matter who…. worked out well for us so far. I do recall a blue, Nancy Pelosi leading the vote recently to sell us out to pharmacy companies, how progressive.  When we state we will not vote for someone that has disenfranchised us, we will not support the DNC that has made it clear they don’t care what we want and are downright hostile to Independents (many of which usually cast their vote for the Democrats) we’re then met with “A Trump presidency is on your head”. No, that’s a flawed logic. It’s on the DNC.

I’d also like to remind all the political half wits, Trump cannot do 95% of what he spews. Not without the House and Senate. However, what Clinton will do will have support because it’ll line their pockets and do what they want, put our soldiers all over the world killing for natural resources and dying for profit while the middle class becomes extinct.

I won’t vote for Hillary. I won’t accept your blame. If you’d like to blame someone, contact  Debbie Wasserman Shultz on twitter. Link provided.

Prosecute Politicians that Incite Mass Shootings


With the fall out of planned parenthood violence and vandalism in recent weeks, coupled with Fiorina and her think tank I’ve been pouring over the legalities, supreme court cases and decisions. Is she culpable legally? We know she is morally, having had the information the planned parenthood videos were a lie and illegally obtained, does she hold legal responsibility for the violence? The defamation and fraudulent statements made of planned parenthood with clear intent of harming the institution…. And she continues to defend the statements..
n. the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is libel and, if only oral, it is slander. Public figures, including officeholders and candidates, have to show that the defamation was made with malicious intent and was not just fair comment. Damages for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malice. Some statements such as an accusation of having committed a crime, having a feared disease or being unable to perform one’s occupation are called libel per se or slander per se and can more easily lead to large money awards in court and even punitive damage recovery by the person harmed. Most states provide for a demand for a printed retraction of defamation and only allow a lawsuit if there is no such admission of error

1975, in Weirum v. RKO General, Inc., the Supreme Court of California held that a radio station could be held liable for its broadcast, which inspired two listeners to drive recklessly toward an announced location, killing another driver in the process.112 The plaintiff in Weirum brought a wrongful death action against a radio station for its promotion that urged people to drive to the lo[*PG173]cation of a disc jockey to receive a prize.113 Two listeners, incited to reach the disc jockey, drove recklessly toward his location and in the process drove another vehicle off the road, killing the driver.114 The Supreme Court of California affirmed the jury’s determination that the defendant radio station was liable under a negligence theory for the “foreseeable results of a broadcast which created an undue risk of harm . . . .”115

Weirum hardly made mention of the First Amendment except to note that it does not erect a barrier to liability.116 Later cases, however, have interpreted Weirum to be a case of “true” incitement, in harmony with Brandenburg. 117 This interpretation highlights the fact that the disc jockey’s directives were in close temporal proximity to the reckless driving that caused decedent’s death.118 In addition, because the disc jockey issued repeated live exhortations to listeners urging them to act in an inherently dangerous manner, the foreseeability of such action on the part of listeners was high.119
And then Charles Manson, was convicted of the murders through the joint-responsibility rule, which makes each member of a conspiracy guilty of crimes committed by fellow conspirators in furtherance of the conspiracy’s objective.
I believe she is culpable, and I for one want her behind bars. Any thoughts are appreciated.





Mascots, Gaming, and Paper Genocide.



Grande Ronde,  Corrupt Tribal Council,  Mascots,  and  Reyn Leno


Corruption is the word of the day regarding the absurdity of The Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde’ stance has taken condoning the use of Native American mascots in schools across Oregon state.  The cruelty of corruption seen in disenrollment and the buying of our leaders’ complicity in mascotting yet another generation is heartbreaking and now Native Americans face another tribal leader joining their ranks, Reyn Leno.  


Reyn Leno is the Chairman of the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde and also serves on the Spirit Mountain Community Fund Board of Trustees and as chairman of the Spirit Mountain Casino Board of Directors. Persuaded by a campaign led by the Oregon Indian Education Association  to end of race-based mascots, the Oregon Board of Education voted in 2013 to end the use of offensive Native mascots. Faced with the loss of their prized  “Indian” mascots, mostly non- parents and school administrators turned to Reyn Leno for help and he put the full weight of his small, but wealthy tribe at their beck and call ignoring the well-being of actual Native students in Oregon schools. He has connected pride in heritage to generic, culture-appropriation and even brought up service in Viet Nam to justify the misuse of other tribes’ cultures in his latest opinion piece  “Reasonable resolution to tribal-mascot debate”.


Leno has claimed the money could be better spent, even though adidas has offered to help with the financial burden.


He has made grand statements about brave ancestors and losing tribal land all to justify his outlandish support of racism. I’m not sure how these statements are connected to offensive and stereotypical Native American imagery, but he used them all as excuses for his support.


Beyond these incoherent justifications found in his “reasonable” response, Leno has been subject to ethics investigations leading to findings of 10 ethics violations, and has been accused of actively committing paper genocide by disenrolling 76 tribal members.


Here are the facts we know about Reyn Leno and his “reasonable” leadership:


  1. He advocates for race-based Native American mascots that are proven to have negative impacts on children as stated by the American Psychology Association in their 2005 study.


  1. He has a total of 10 reported ethics violations.  From the official complaint  “Defendant failed to uphold his oath of office in several ways. First, he  failed to declare conflicts of interest between his personal interest and the public  interest on multiple occasions. Second, he entered into an unlawful business  transaction with RV. Where he paid less than market rates for services rendered from  RV, a company which he, at the time, served as the Chairman on the board of directors, effectively committing theft of services. Third, Defendant used his position,  influence and power to conceal and cover-up his unethical behavior.


  1. He’s disenrolling tribal members under secrecy using Abramhoff’s playbook and then putting a gag order on said tribal members, using ‘sovereignty’ to justify stripping members of their first amendment rights. See: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/jack-abramoff-the-lobbyists-playbook-30-05-2012/


  1. Only a few outlets covered a September 1 tribal court decision that upheld the removal of 86 people from the rolls. Yet the tribe’s attorneys want the descendants of Chief Tumulth, who signed the 1855 Willamette Valley Treaty, and the Galanda Broadman law firm to be held in contempt for allegedly violating a gag order in the case. […] “Petitioners should be ordered to cease and desist from publishing the parties briefings and otherwise using the media in attempt to influence matters on appeal,” tribal attorneys said in the court filing.” https://turtletalk.wordpress.com/2015/09/04/7-grand-ronde-ancestors-posthumously-disenrolled-appeals-dismissed/  


Sovereignty is not a justification for violation of the right to free speech, which is exactly what has happened.


Especially self-serving is the gag order imposed by the tribe on expelled tribal members. Why is it necessary to trample on the 1st amendment rights under the guise of sovereignty? I did call Mr. Leno’s office to ask him questions about the mascots, ethics violations, disenrolling, and new casino rumors, I did not receive a call back.

After speaking to some tribal members that wish to remain anonymous for fear of being stripped of their tribal membership, I got the impression Mr. Leno champions mascots and the use of Abramhoff’s playbook, not the tribe. That phrase was used several times, Abramhoff’s playbook.  From the attorney Galanda’s  blog  ““It’s just a Tribal membership dispute.”  (Plays #1 and 2 are exposed here and here.) “FOR ALMOST A YEAR, THE TRIBAL COUNCIL HAS ADMONISHED US TO FOLLOW THE ‘PROCESS’ AND NOW THEY CHANGED THE PROCESS WITH LESS THAN A WEEK REMAINING BEFORE A DECISION WAS TO BE MADE,” STATED FAMILY SPOKESPERSON MIA PRICKETT.”


This is nothing new. It’s happening in several tribes. And the playbook is being perfected by corrupt Tribal leaders. A mixture of greed, inner conflict, personal feuds and corrupt agendas are behind this wave of disenrollment. This strips members of homes, healthcare, college scholarships, jobs, elder housing and health, and identity.It’s paper genocide. It is the absolute worst nightmare coming true.

Taking all this into consideration, is it any surprise this self-appointed speaker for all Native American students in Oregon would champion racist native imagery?  Native American mascotting has been debated nationwide and opponents use the same rhetoric used to justify racism in any case of injustice. From political correctness, to “we’re honoring you’’, pride, and Reyn’s own “preserving the heritage” example. It makes one wonder, did Mr. Leno get a lump sum from the NFL’s own Snyder to support the cause?

In a summary of the APA resolution recommending the immediate retirement of  American Indian Mascots, the findings were conclusive and clear, “the American Psychological Association (APA) called for the immediate retirement of all American Indian mascots, symbols, images and personalities by schools, colleges, universities, athletic teams and organizations. APA’s position is based on a growing body of social science literature that shows the harmful effects of racial stereotyping and inaccurate racial portrayals, including the particularly harmful effects of American Indian sports mascots on the social identity development and self-esteem of American Indian young people.


From Mr. Leno’s statement on mascots, “Our people are proud to be known as Indians, Braves, Warriors and Chiefs. The Oregon State Board of Education recently made the right decision to approve a rule that reinforces the Legislature’s bill allowing for federally recognized tribes and neighboring school districts to enter into agreements on culturally:acceptable and respectable mascot imagery.”


Leno’s claim money could be better spent on education doesn’t hold water either.  Adidas announced in November, “About 2,000 high schools still use monikers and mascots that “cause concern for many tribal communities,” according to the company, which sent executives to the conference and announced it will be a founding member of a coalition that reviews the issue of Native American imagery in sports.”

So why would any tribal leader advocate for these offensive mascots?  Judging from Reyn Leno’s official statement, the reasons would be: I don’t care, it serves my purpose, racism be damned, cultural appropriation be damned, and let’s just ignore studies on the damage mascotting does to the psychological health of our children. It’s not an honor. First of all, most are a generic depiction of what never was, appropriated from the Plains tribes or Mohawks (one of the high schools in Oregon use this Eastern tribe as a mascot: Leno approves), give the impression that the image that Hollywood perpetuated is accurate,  and further degrades our true cultures. Tomahawk chops, practiced by the classmates, teachers, those who are supposed to befriend, guide are children are not honorable. Redskins….. that term is beyond offensive. I’ve had people tell me it’s a term referring to our brave warriors. No. It refers to the bounty on the scalps of Natives. Even women and children.  

Would it be offensive if an Oregon high school team was named the Willamette Wetbacks or Banks Zulu Warriors and fans showed up in blackface or in sombreros and acting out ignorant ideas of those cultures?  Would the Oregon Board of Education allow an exception for the promotion of ignorance of those communities and leave Latino and Black students open to the same ridicule, unnecessary burden of educating their communities instead of being focused on school? I think not.

So why are exceptions madea when Native Americans say “I am not ok with this offensive imagery”?  Why  find “an Indian” to okay it?  These stereotypes are dehumanizing and are even in the Declaration of Independence “the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions”.  

And just because there are a few that say it doesn’t bother them, or because Snyder swooped in with money, doesn’t make it ok, nor does it mean they speak for Native Americans as a whole. They often don’t even speak for their tribe as a whole. In light of that, why is Grande Ronde Chairman Reyn Leno the mascotting of other tribes’ cultural heritage and subjecting Native students from those Plains and Woodland tribes who are students in Oregon to ridicule all because it doesn’t bother him. Especially when it is not even his culture that is being mascotted?  In my opinion, Mr. Leno is beyond reprehensible. I wish he would listen to Haudenosaunee leader (whose culture by the way is being mascotted by an Oregon high school) and Onondaga Faith Keeper, Oren Lyons,

“In the absence of the sacred, nothing is sacred-everything is for sale.”

Sara Ivie-Trankler

February 6, 2016



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