Oh Rachel, it’s Not A Vagina Fight


Rachel’s latest anti Bernie rant wasn’t even subtle. She held Clinton up as the most accomplished woman, and that’s why Bernie Sanders and the idiot Trump shouldn’t debate.
First off Rachel, this isn’t about vaginas. It’s about Hillary Clinton agreeing to debate in California then backing out. The very behavior she criticized in 2008. She won’t debate because she has lost every single debate with Sanders, much like she lost the caucus and open primary states. The only thing she’s won without cheating is voter suppression, fraud and purging of the votes, is the confederacy. I’m still curious as to how the only accurate polling, exit polls, are so far off in the states she won, but back to the subject at hand. This has nothing to do with her or her so called accomplishments as a woman, politician or human. It’s about the two leading candidates for the presidency and them debating. Which within hours of the statement Trump backed out of as expected. Which brings up the question, why did you waste time with your ridiculous rant?

So let’s consider this. A privileged, rich, white woman married to a cheating ex-president. The power couple that brought us privatized prisons, NAFTA, welfare reform, and a blow job in the white house. This is the most accomplished woman? Go home Malala, you aren’t really accomplished until you’ve rigged the election process and suppressed millions of voters.

This is the ultimate example of partisan journalism. It’s not about voters or the greater good. It’s about partisanship, cronyism, the bosses not wanting true government of, for and by the people. It’s about Rachel not really being a journalist. It’s about her being the answer to Fox for liberals.

You know there’s actual news that you could address. Like the pipeline spill on the Dakota reservation. Or maybe how Debbie Wasserman Schultz is likely to lose her seat. Maybe the Trans Pacific Partnership?

I expect politicians to be worthless bags of human waste. I expect more from journalists.

I only wonder Rachel, did you start out with morality and ethics? Or did you lose them along the way with your comfortable corporate job?

You don’t speak for progress, women, or liberals. Go away.

Sara Ivie
May 28, 2016